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Japanese Title: 巨乳×限界×絵巻
Title: Kyonyu x Genkai x Emaki
Released Date: Dec 31, 2013
Format: mp4
Size: 112mb

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  1. links are broken

    1. links still working.

  2. so there no voice for this one?

    1. seems yes, i will update when i see better version of this.

  3. Links r dead can u reupload … thanx :)

    1. links still seems ok, what link is broken? :)

  4. Can I ask senpai how can I have a profile pic here?

    1. create account on then after creating go to and login same as your wordpress username/email and pass. you can now upload and customize profile pic in gravatar and you can use the profile pic in wordpress site, just use the email in the comment box that you have registered in wordpress/gravatar

  5. Lol i’m not into 3D but this seems to be tempting

  6. Where is d subbed version?

    1. is there available sub for this?

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