Mayohiga no Onee-san The Animation

Title: Mayohiga no Onee-san The Animation
Japanese Title: マヨヒガのお姉さん THE ANIMATION
Episodes: 1
Released Date: Jul 7, 2017

“Mayohiga”: An illusionary house that bestows wealth upon lost travelers, unlike houses in the mysterious and slightly eerie stories of legend. In this modern retelling, Mayohiga is a cafe staffed by beautiful Onee-san.

However, unchanged from the tales of old, Mayohiga appears only to a chosen few, and those who enter are thoroughly “engulfed in pleasure”. These lewd yet gentle Onee-san await your patronage!

Source: hanime

Screenshot:  Episode 1
Format: mp4

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Uncensored / Subbed

Episode 1   Mirror   Mexashare

Uncensored / Raw

Episode 1   Mexashare

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Episode 1   Mirror   Userscloud

Censored / Raw

Episode 1   Mirror   Userscloud

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  1. Would’ve been better if it wasn’t some little brat getting the girls. Come on Bootleg, you can do better than crappy shouta.

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