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Super Erotic Anime

Title: Super Erotic Anime
Synonyms: Madonna Kimochi ii Koto Shite Kudasai, Ane & Imouto Kimochi ii Koto Shite Kudasai
Japanese Title: スーパーエロティックアニメ
Episodes: 2
Released Date: Oct 9, 1985 to Oct 17, 1985

Note: Both volumes were re-released on DVD under the title セーラームーン美恵ちゃん VS セーラームーン祐ちゃん洋ちゃん.

Fruits Version

Title: Fruits Version
Japanese Title: フルーツバージョン
Synonyms: Traveling Fantasies
Episodes: 2
Released Date: Nov 21, 1985 till 1986

Maki gets groped on a train, and although the molester is stopped, it awakens her sexual awareness. She has a talk about it with her older sister, who unexpectedly decides to give Maki a hands-on lesson. Then there’s also their brother, who just happens to peek in on them.

(Source: AniDB)


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