BaBuKa: Gokudou no Tsuma

Title: BaBuKa: Gokudou no Tsuma
Episodes: 2
Released Date: Oct 21, 2011 till Nov 18, 2011

The sexual adventures of various mature women.

Volume 1: Rieka is cheating on her man, again. Her current fling had no idea that Rieka’s man is a powerful yakuza boss until his underlings arrived to deliver punishment. This doesn’t phase Rieka much, until she finds out she is to receive punishment as well. Or perhaps this is what she was hoping for from the start.

Volume 2: Hasukata Ren – a welfare officer, drives from house to house, trying to help people with various problems. But she isn’t even realising that there’s a fine line between going beyond the call of duty and simply being a slut.

Screenshot:  Episode 1   Episode 2
Label: Celeb
Format: mp4

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