Title: Kimihagu
Japanese Title: きみはぐ
Episodes: 2
Released Date: May 25, 2009 till Aug 25, 2009

* Based on the game by Front Wing.

The daughter of the school principal has become the Disciplinary comitee president and so she decides to forbid any romantic behaviour on the school. So the Love club must hide on the basement of the school church, they objective is to study love and all romantic behaviour they can, such thing defies the Comitee president and she’ll take action but she doesn’t expect what will come in response.

Source: ANN

Screenshot:  Episode 1   Episode 2
Label: Milky
Format: mp4

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      1. Ah, that sucks… it’s sad that this series is unfinished. Anyway, thank you for your services.

  1. Great work.. I really love this site for its responsivness & addition of uncensored version.

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