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SELFISH (せるふぃっしゅ)

Rape Gouhouka!!!

Title: Rape Gouhouka!!!
Japanese Title: レイプ合法化っ!!!
Episodes: 2
Released Date: Sep 14, 2018 till Sep 21, 2018

Based on (強制孕ませ合法化!!!) Kyousei Haramase Gouhouka!!! doujin comic by Maron Maron.

Muchi Muchi Kyousei Seichouchuu!!!

Title: Muchi Muchi Kyousei Seichouchuu!!!
Japanese Title: むち無知ッ強制成長中っ!!!
Released Date: July 13, 2018 till

* Based on doujin by Maron Maron.

Our protagonist is a teacher of a small class of girls. One day he gave the girls a snack, but that snack ended up having some HUGE effects! They grew up! They behave just as they did before, despite their voluptuous bodies… Receiving lots of their unintentional temptations, his patience is about to run out…

Source: hanime

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