Minna Agechau

Title: Minna Agechau
Japanese Title: みんなあげちゃう♡
Synonyms: I Give My All, I’ll Do it With Anyone, I’m All Yours
Episodes: 1
Released Date: Mar 28, 1987

* Based on Yuzuki Hikaru’s seinen manga by the same name, that ran in Weekly Young Jump in the 80s, collected in 19 volumes.

Rokuro, a penniless student living in a run-down apartment, gets a surprise visit by the beautiful and quite mysterious Mamiya Yu. For some reason she has hopelessly fallen for this no-good pervert. As it turns out she is actually the daughter of a very wealthy Japanese family. Considering Rokuro’s background, he cannot believe his luck… but not all is as it seems. This rich family seems to be a lot more perverted than even Rokuro could have imagined…

— written by foo2

Screenshot: Episode 1
Format: mp4

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